Ms. Matched

DOCUMENTATION ASKEW: Marguerite and Fred Tobias


My grandfather and grandmother intentions were to document their own lives, and the family member around them. Occasionally, they were also to capture the catastrophes of the region. My grandfather managed to be almost drawn to the later, the great river flood of 1960 something, a downtown warehouse fire, the tornado destruction in Hopkins, MN. He also was seeming drawn to the mundane aspects of a squirrel, or perhaps a cake at a funeral or anniversary. My grandmother, with good intentions—labeled boxes of Kodak Ektachrome™, having listed dates, places, occasions, and the very family members that included them both apparently as voyeur

These gatherings, and happenings, allowed them to exchange the camera and note taking. They seem to move freely, and gather images as a nonparticipant, document librarians askew.

As with any photographer, volume is the key towards the potential of a great image. By pairing up several photos, a new context increases the potential accuracy, or questioning(?) of events. A secondary historians take on unknown events. With so many images, and badly mis-labeled groupings, without the matriarch and patriarch, I intend to create a new story, part fiction, part truth. The time to create my own (his)story, from the past that I come from, and have believed to be incorporated into my very own truth.



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