Artists Space NYC

Compiled and designed 5000 ARTISTS RETURN TO ARTISTS SPACE: 25 YEARS, with staff and editors at Design / Writing / Research, Fall 1998. Art Directed by Abbott Miller.

Responsible for direction, production and photo editing. Book includes images provided by Artist Space photo archives. The book includes a running time lime of art shows, comments from both contemporary artists, as well as former members, past and present Director interviews. Images refer to any given exhibition on that given page. I also was responsible for editing and choosing pull quotes to be used throughout the book.

Each spread, based on a grid made of a scalable rectangle in proportion to book dimensions, allows the time line to exist in a malleable set of information boxes. The surrounding text, artist comments, refer to the shows and general time frame connected to the exhibition date. The images were allowed to openly conform to the structure of the grid, while engaging the date in association. Pictures became integral in overlapping show dates, and connecting each page in the greater context of the many faces of  Artists Space.


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