A Poets Manifesto

(vision)language + (syntax)stories + (create)passion


letters + love


to read,

read to understand,

to purchase

reading context

thinking connotation

believing only the denotation

information (reading)

becomes a jail sentence

like petty larceny

other juvenile crimes,

crimes of (miss) + information

pleads of (dis) + information

acceptance of over stimulation

leading to the purchase of cat food,

when you don’t even have a cat

receive and retrieve

become a part of,

represent the whole,

not the first

to the one-

hundredth power

(dis) + information

is lazy interpretations

of facts

over sensationalism


abstract product

love + sentimentality,

collecting stories,

leads to compassion


John Page_a r t i s t ( p o e t s ) s t a t e m e n t

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