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Volunteered design services for the Youth Farm and Market Project, organizing and creating a bi-annual newsletter for future patrons, parents, and involved farmers.


Youth Farm and Market Project provides year-round, youth development programming for youths ages 9 – 18, utilizing experiential education and training, urban agriculture, gardens and greenhouses. We build youth leadership through planting, growing, preparing, and selling food. Youth Farm and Market Project currently works in 3 neighborhoods in the Twin Cities, Lyndale and Powderhorn in Minneapolis, and the West Side of St. Paul.


The Youth Farm and Market Project (YFMP) was established in 1995 by David Brant and Karen Lehman to create an urban environment within which youth could flourish physically, socially, and emotionally as they mature into young adults.

In 1998, YFMP became an independent, 501(c)(3) organization. YFMP has operated since 1995 in the Lyndale neighborhood in south Minneapolis; in 2000, programs were added in the Powderhorn neighborhood in south Minneapolis and the West Side neighborhood in St. Paul.

In 1995, we worked with 10 youth in the Lyndale neighborhood to grow, harvest and sell produce at two youth-run neighborhood markets. This past year, we worked with over 500 youth in our summer and school year programs in the Lyndale, Powderhorn and West Side neighborhoods.


Youth Farm and Market Project employs a unique progressive programming model, where the outcomes of each program, Youth Farmers (ages 9-11), All-Stars (ages 12-13) and Project LEAD (ages 14-18), building upon the outcomes of the previous set. Our goals are consistent through each program:

  • Build Young Leaders;
  • Promote Healthy Lifestyles;
  • Create Neighborhood Connectedness and Opportunities for Contribution; and
  • Develop & Nurture Healthy Relationships.
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