1998 Digital Sampler


01.    05.93—Minnesota Historical Society
Identity class at the Minneapolis College of Art + Design. Mark design, stationary package, calender, library notices, posters, catalogue and facilities brochure.

02.    05.93—Fredrick R Weisman Art
Museum Poster Set
Proposed poster series promoting new museum facilites and collection announcement. To entice public knowledge and support of new museum on the U of M campus. Two of six posters.

03.    05.96—MCA+D Alumni Benefits
Designed brochure for the alumni association all class reunion, 1996.

04.    11.95—First Alert
Announcement cards for my fine art exhibition consisting of etchings, drawings, and a lithographic installation. Show traveled to three different locations.

05.    03.94—Fig. Drawing Series
Two of three mixed media drawings and self portraits. Drawings created to express my interests in Red Cross first aid images, scientific diagrams, personal writings, medical journals and the recontextualization of  them as a group.

06.    12.97—Self Authored Commentary
Small, quick digital sketches for correspondance. Interesting topics on my mind. Ideas of  propaganda to be represented graphically and made available to email correspondants to download.

07.    09.97—It’s Your Baltimore
Self authored desktop pattern, shared as propaganda, to verbalize Baltimore City’s tendency to burn. Commentary on city problems and concerns.

08.    02.95—Boarder Boundries
Competition response to Snowboarding Magazine’s call for snowboard ardvertisements. Inspiration was to win a free snowboard. Design incorporates self authored text, personal photographs, a self designed typeface and an idea of the perfect snowboarding park.

09.    09.93—Business Cards for Lee Anne Swanson
Designed folding business cards that represented the artist, her work, and her studio. Card incorporates a “she makes stuff” slogan and a woodcut print of Lee Anne’s work.

10.    02.98—Posters for H.Lewis Gallery
Design posters for a two person show at a local art gallery. The exhibition included sculptures and paintings from artists, Lee Anne Swanson and Mitsuo Okado.

11.    02.95—Icehouse Tango
Designed announcement card for performance artists Laurie VanWeiren. The performance combined choreographed skaters with  costumes that shot out pyrotechnics and live music composed by Michelle Kinney.

12.    05.95—BoyGirlBoyGirl
Announcement card for a four person show, consisting of two male, and two female artists.

13.    01.97—INCOMING
Announcement cards for Maryland Art Place. Shows were sequenced five artists every week for five weeks.

14.    01.97—Della Notte
Signage system created for an Italian restaurant in Baltimore City. Also designed were associated advertisements placed in Baltimore Magazine.

15.    04.97—Land Rover; Mongolia Expedition
The design of large door decals, lapel pins, and press jacket patches with an event logo promoting a roadrace in Mongolia.

16.    10.97—World Bank Awards Announcement
The design of an Awards department ceremony honoring World Bank employees of their service. An intranet site was also created to support the event.

17.    07.97—Jane’s Comp
A presented comp for the cover and backcover of a Jane’s Fighting Ships information catalogue. The idea was to present information in  a radically different approach than past issues of the Fighting Ships catalogue.

18.    01.98—Display  of Personal Typefaces
A diplay of seven typefaces designed from 1993. The most recently finished typeface PaigeSquared was submitted for the TDC 2 Annual, number 19.

19. 10.98—Crazy Shiny Cool
Announcement card for Lee Anne Swanson, Minneapolis Minnesota. Come see what Lee Anne has been up to.


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