Quarter Acre Lifestyle

Three colored memorial stones laid to rest at Gemini Farms, Wadena, MN, 2007. The stones were collaboratively created and printed by Jerome Page Tobias and (myself) John P. Corrigan. Both artists explore the idea of a double or doppelgänger.

Namesake and originators of the affectionately borrowed title and body of artwork directly inspired by Quarter Acre Lifestyle. Ever since I met Cameron Pollock I have adored this New Zealand band.

New Album Coming Soon! [HD] | 0:54 | by QuarterAcreLifestyle (videos) | Aaron Pollock, Cameron Pollock, Tony Masterantonio | The boys are currently recording for a new album due out in the spring of 2010. This time they’re turning it into a global effort with sessions in Minnesota, New York, Las Vegas and Auckland, New Zealand.

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