Graphic Expression of Internment

Book cover from graduate thesis book GRAPHIC EXPRESSION OF INTERNMENT; presenting historic design analysis of three photo albums from the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum.

This graduate thesis looks to infuse graphic design, historical analysis, and curated subject matter in a self published book form. This research heavy thesis similarly looks to use my unique design sensibility to study a form of designed objects introducing them to a previously negated field of design history. My aim was to study/uncover works created by Jews during World War II beyond Holocaust studies. Initial research revealed a negation of WW II designed artifacts and an even larger absence of work created by Jews during the war years.

The goal of this research is to illuminate the contents and the importance of the graphic medium while allowing the contents to present its self with room for interpretation. With this, I ask that further questions arise that can be expounded on. This is the medium of Holocaust studies—question, counter question. While each of the three albums illuminate similar themes of the Holocaust such as: remembrance, bearing witness, dedication, memorial, and renewal, they each represent experience in diverse manifestations. Each album produced for specific communities documents an optimistic view, defiant of the experience of camp life. Unlike clandestine works documenting hardship or perseverance, these albums provide insightful awareness to the personalized characteristic in each ‘internment’ camp.


MFA Thesis | Graphic Expression of Internment

Three Photo Albums From
The United States
Holocaust Memorial Museum

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