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Chesapeake Bay Blend

Absinthe takes its name from Artemisia absinthium, the botanical name for the bitter herb wormwood, known in French as ‘Grande absinthe’. This ingredient of the liquor absinthe also contains the molecule thujone, which supposedly accounts for its alleged mind-altering properties. Wormwood infusions had been known as a medicine as far back as Greek times however it was not until around 1792 that the alcoholic elixir was supposedly created. Pierre Ordinaire, a French doctor living in Switzerland, distilled the wormwood plant in alcohol with anise, hyssop, lemon balm, and other local herbs. According to popular legend, Ordinaire actually obtained his recipe from the local Henriod sisters, who had been making an ‘elixir d’absynthe’ to treat illnesses for years. The tonic, quite powerful at around 72% alcohol, was locally heralded as a medical cure-all.


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