Color Theory




To find that list of colours,
to entice to suggest
apart from actual colour
each becomes anew.

List format, commentary evocation
draw out imagery from viewer
with found text / combination.

All forms stretch boundaries
I_you set before me.

To recite colours
with feeling emotion
beyond blue,
beyond melancholy,
beyond the J.Crew defined winter collection.
Enticing colour corollaries.

Live through colour, see through colour.
Flat. Monochromatic variation draw one into
from, room to room, eye back to front.

The colour of earth
earthen natural tones
a connection of generations,
peoples before you.


antique cement floor
blends, up the single shot laté
coloured walls

dark suede, winter car coat
one shade of espresso créma, on a
twenty by fifteen foot wall.

brown mocha cords sit atop
mahogany stained sitting chairs.

flesh of an unlucky cow,
Caucasian crayola, seat cushions,
brass tacked antique
church pews.

mahogany stripped
long planked, blood clay
run the  length, bow to stern.

false unearthen-ness
stone, handmade planters, pots
cup dark fertile planting soul
to provide for life, un-native palms.

striking, life, tropical
irish lush green.
absolute visual green.

earthen, un-roasted green beans sit,
awaiting their alien fate of consumption
in a foreign country.
fate in burlap, scratchy, beautiful,
beautifully descriptive bags.

blend to fade,
bulging, woven for maximum strength
an efficient container.
hand mortar, brick, rust
protected US steel supports, now decorate,
enhance open closed space.

deep plum
wooden supports cross,
repeat, evenly rigid, over-head
keep and prevent, the law firm
from unauthorized entering, vertically and
empowering their magenta and teal
colour, scheme.

I am at ease, inspired, content
among these earth bound colours.
placed, styled across my skin
appearance of warm connectedness.

field of greens, woven
in a third world, not of our own.
calves killed. striped to muscle.
brushed suede soothes, warms, comforts.

stone. brick.
layered ofertime. earth fallen, over
time lapsed conditions, studied
seen deposits left stratified, un-earthed.
replaced. repositioned. altered.

to soothe a visionaries soul.
today, mid to late gray winter,
in the higher education disrtict,
writing romantically, envisioning the roots,

feel caressed,
satisfied, and content.
apart this palette.
yielding to emotion of colour,
that effects my life vision.


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