When experience and vision wanes, ones natural tendencies of inertia set. Those who are most sensitive towards the past, when historical reference abound, the same sensitivity is acutely directed to shortcomings of contemporary flatness. Graphic designers sense of rigor towards personal expression is often seen as suspended and subverted. Workplace emotional tendencies spiral, ever turning towards familiar forms, repetition, market analysis, and competitive pairing.

Borrowed forms lead towards short sided DNA strands as inbreeding amongst designers designs. This causing malformations, retardation’s, and de(form)ities. The informational gene pool becomes silted and tainted. Form and function is also allowed to deteriorate and degrade.

Reading forward, it is crucial to forecast each word before the next, yet without rhythm and forward momentum itself, thoughts becomes lost. The story is also subject to loss, misinformation, disinformation and errors of readability cloud the message. The sign, symbol, signifier is lost to effective communication. By contently increasing neue forms (progression) neue functions are formed, which again leads to original thought — original communication is again paramount. Neue forms must be inserted in tired systems to allow the growth and maturation of previous networks and collectives.

Professions other than our own, which is design (a dedicated problem solving, supposed forward solution profession) seams most capable of change+growth+difference+meaning + fortitude.

The need to respond with utmost urgency is dire. Multi-disciplinary pioneers and scholars are in demand to evaluate, forecast, project and propel the neue nexus. Potentially starting with a neue glossary word, previously unspoken and unheard for “contemporary,” and “modern.” Only with neue terminology might we allow a brighter future. The energy principle of fission needs to occur. Ex-potential energy from from an initial reaction to stimulate action.

We must hunt + gather quickly. Amass a voracious creative army of freedom fighters — pioneers to analyze history quickly, not only to forecast the neue + next, but encourage leadership.

Striving. Promoting. Doing.

If form follows… than neue forms can allow previously un-thought unrecognized functions.  With the advent of technology that allows the immediacy of production the availability to create on the fly. Where then are informal informational authored works that have the ability to fly like a semi sonic shot  with technophiles capacity for immediacy. Where are the intellectual accelerated (gaming industry like) equivalents. With direct video and digital photography, D.I.Y. music creators, wi-fi connectoids, 32-gig availability memories, is there room enough for intellectual stimulation. I look for the shared immediacy and neue language created and shared in momentum with these technologies.

I have the immediate gratification of imaging direct video, the ability of documentary photography, words, illustrations and process. Ideas of moving pictures sending both highly motivational and informational communicative graphics is paramount to this idea – the potential for the immediacy of thought racing through a conscience collective. Where is this potential for immediate lightening publishing. What’s lacking is an immediate response team and its ability of the collective to respond, engage, encourage, dispute, rethink, process, create and distribute. With gaming industries ability to compete with multiple user interface, a virtual reality play space, where is academia? Why weren’t we there first? The reality and immediacy of intellectual response is shortfall and apathetic.

I see the legitimacy of a digital salon — beyond separate blogs with little or no global participation. The community is the retardant. Intellectual property set a buzz. The design community as a (w)hole must be able to respond with propositions and fission-like energy created at the point of impact. The spark. A gathering place for virtual response, with concrete and compelling manifestations. Action. Reaction. Progressive articulation and aggressive response to the demands and needs of each other with discourse. A critical response. This immediacy of academic, historically acute process orientated pioneers will solve problems and needs before need arises. Well designed artifacts that fulfill both need and desire. Progressive reform insuring the well being and cultivated cultural void that currently exists. Our troubled community has all the knowledge, training, scope, fortitude, and process available to stimulate, motivate, cultivate, and delineate change, and stop the prevalent inertia first. Immediately following, the peoples communities, and culture will benefit one-hundred fold.

We must need to want to change to grow.


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