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Dimensional type study examining quantitative information graphic application to three-dimensional structure reinforcing its content. Projects like these simultaneously help to bear witness and promote the cause. As the temporary shelters go up throughout Haiti statistical information could be applied to each structure to visually describe the situation, the cause, supporters, and offer ways to help.

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Global Shelter

Dimensional Shelter

Dimensional Shelter

Global Village Shelter
Global Village Shelters. Photo courtesy Global Village Shelters.

Prefab structures, like Global Village Shelters, are another option. These are solid, waterproof structures are made of extruded polypropylene and shipped as flat packs. Small 65-square-foot units cost around $1,000 when ordered in bulk, but they take up to eight weeks to manufacture. Still, Dan Ferrara, founder of Global Village Shelters, says one benefit of these shelters over tents is that their sturdiness “provides a sense of home.”

Original Post: Ernest Beck, ” State of Shelter,” Design Observer, 01.09.10. [Article Link]


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