American Apparel >SPINE< T-Shirt

Size: 3″ x 4″
Pages: 16
Binding: Hand Stitched
Color: Full Color

Sixteen page booklet originally stitched/bound to the backside of a series of collaborative Open Book t-shirts. The project, ‘Book Presented As T-Shirt‘ was envisioned by Paul Quin. Each of the twelve residents and facilitators each responded to a t-shirt through its abstract relationship to the structure of a book.

The American Apparel >SPINE< T-shirt was a comparative relationship to the ‘spine’ of a book and the physical and anatomical location of the ‘spine’ as it lays beneath a wearable shirt. The booklet mimics a fashion ‘hang tag’ and borrows heavily from images and content on the American Apparel online store. Both the front and back cover use a reproduced photograph of the t-shirt fabric which the book is bound. The vertical typeset word >SPINE< indicates both the books hand-bound stitched placement.

The layout and photographic fissure happens along the interior ‘spine’ or inner margins of the publication. The appropriated content is meant to highlight and feature common information to a garment hang-tag and exaggerate the thorough information and on-line ordering options unique to American Apparel. Oddly, and by design, the supplied t-shirts were not American Apparel branded shirts, but Haines Fruit-of-the-Loom; this too was a comment on the odd proliferation and commercial success of the American Apparel brand, along with its contemporary controversy.

DOWNLOAD — Open Book: American Apparel T-Shirt


This project is part of the 2012 Open Book Workshop organized and facilitated by Leslie Atzmon and Ryan Molloy, through the Eastern Michigan University
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