I Am Not Famous And I Have Nothing To Offer You

I Am Not Famous

I Am Not Famous: I Have Nothing To Offer You

Size: 5.5″ x 5.5″ [Trade Journal]; open 11″ x 17
Pages: 16, plus cover
Binding: five station hand sewn, divided into two accordion gutters
Principle Typefaces: Vendetta, Interstate
Medium(s): photo copier bond paper, and cover stock
Color: Black laser print; altered photocopy color collage

This book specifically uses a preferred variation to the sixteen page double signature book format

I Am Not Famous examines an alternative to a sixteen page book signature. Each eight-page signature, printed front and verso, was stitched into two gutters of the cover; with a significant interior tab. The work and turn pages were left un-trimmed, generating essentially four 11″ x 17″ interior posters. The page typography is turned upside down, and pagination is left broken.

The poster graphics were generated as digital collages, further abstracted and capitalized by a digital printing mistake in saturation and brightness. Essentially the printer error was was further copied and reproduced, allowing the color oddity. The photocopied was applied to the color mistakes and false printer proofs. The result is a muted, exaggerated half-tone gradient, which diffuses, obscures, and creates a moody ethereal stage for the writing to react to.

the epitaph will read, “life given to service.” — 2010

The content presents self-authored text written about my time spent at Gemini Farm in Northern Minnesota. The farm was previously devastated and torn apart by a reported F5 tornado in 2010. The selected writings chronicle the farm, the storm, the devastation, and the stary skyscape illuminating the quiet after the storm.

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This project is part of the 2012 Open Book Workshop organized and facilitated by Leslie Atzmon and Ryan Molloy, through the Eastern Michigan University
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