Liminal Horizon


Liminal Horizon

Size: 5.5″ x 8.5″
Pages: 50, 25 spreads
Binding: French Fold, with cover wrap
Principle Typeface: Dalliance Designed by Frank Heine in 2000 for Emigré
Color: 2 Color; PMS485, Black

This book specifically examines the ‘french fold’ as a structural book binding method.

French Fold Individual sheets of paper folded in half and bound together at the open—rather than the creased—edge are called French folds. Sheets folded this way can either be glued together or bound with a coil, posts, or stitches. This method is useful if you want to avoid double-sided printing. D.I.Y. Design It Yourself | books (blank)

My intention was to create an artist book that examined the french fold and how the content either gets squeezed into the interior gutter, obscuring the innermost artwork; and the potential for overlap on the outside edge. The folded structure creates a small fraction of image on the books facing edge. This effect, combined with the tight inner margins also obscures the graphics and crops the pages, producing an odd and interesting crop where the graphics are seemingly unaligned and disjointed.

What is Liminal Space?

Think: “Change” and “Disruption”

The word “liminal” comes from the Latin word limens, meaning literally, “threshold.”

Liminal Space

The book was also an experiment to the linear messaging across multiple pages exclusively using the Dalliance typeface and and its unique typographic ƒlourishes. The Dalliance ƒlourishes typically are added as terminals to initial and end letter forms. Here I choose to either asymmetrically mirror them into the gutter across the left and facing page; or intentionally disrupt the axis over and back across the outside edge. The result is a non-symmetical ink blot, producing a strong horizontal read from page to page. The script letter forms are further abstract in their unconventional all cap type setting of the books main title text “Liminal Horizon”

DOWNLOAD — Open Book: Liminal Horizon, French Fold


This project is part of the 2012 Open Book Workshop organized and facilitated by Leslie Atzmon and Ryan Molloy, through the Eastern Michigan University
OPEN BOOK // Workshop | THE OPEN BOOK // Project

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