Open Book Residents Bibliography

The Library of Open Book Workshop 2012



Size: 8.25″ x 6.5″ — flat; 1″ x 6.5 — folded
Pages: 12
Binding: Stacked Accordian
Color: [K] Laser print
Box: handmade

Danielle Aubert [facilitator]
Edwin Jager [facilitator]
Rachel Blanzy
Sara Brandys
Viviana Cordova
John Deason
Jimmy Luu
Ryan Molloy [co-creator]
Elizabeth Sikkenga
Amanda Thatch
Wes Taylor
Victoria Veenstra
Tuan Phan
Paul Quin

Twelve printed pages, each listing Open Book 2012 residents and their personal bibliography. Each artist was asked to bring three books to add to a collected reference library to be studied through the workshop. As a workshop introduction, each artists was asked to formally present the entirety of the library and present the collection through an experimental and open book form.

My personal contribution used a hyper, overly additive accordion book; each new page bound to the next creating a long exaggerated linear book. The book kept opening upon its self. The entire book structure acted like a serpentine book spiral. Each artist folded back upon the others. The end folded book fits neatly into a single small book box and looks like a small, spine out, bookshelf.


BIBLIOGRAPHY — Open Book: 2012

Danielle Aubert
1. Linafont Brevier. Trampography
2. Michael Pollan. Omnivore’s Delemma: A Natural History of Four Meals
3. Ursula K. LeGuin. The Dispossessed: An Ambiguous Utopia

Edwin Jager
1. A’R.P. Octavia Maria & A’Sancto Josopho. Interrogationes, Brevesque Responsiones: Ad Casus Conscientiae Pertinentes
2. Jorge Luis Borges. Labyrinths: Selected Stories & Other Writings
3. Vladimir Mayakovsky. For The Voice (3 Volumes)

Rachel Blanzy
1. Keri Smith. Mess: The Manual of Accidents and Mistakes
2. Lewis Carroll. Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass & What Alice Found There
3. Strunk/White/Kalman. The Elements of Style

Viviana Cordova
1. Kenya Hara. White
2. Stefan Sagmeister. Things I Have Learned

J. Page Corrigan
1. Derek Birdsall. Notes on Book Design
2. Mark Z. Danielewski. House of Leaves
3. Tomasula/Farrell. VAS: An Opera in Flatland

John Deason
1. Parishable Press; Mt. Horeb, WI
2. John DePol, Yellow Barn Press; Council Bluffs, IA
3. Charles Bukuoski, Cool Lucan Press; New Orleans, LA

Jimmy Luu
1. Beatriz Colomina & Craig Buckley. Clip Stamp Fold: The Radical Architecture of Little Magazines 196X to 197X
2. Bonnie Mak. How the Page Matters
3. Gilles Deleuze & Félix Guattari. A Thousand Plateaus: Capitalism and Schizophrenia

Ryan Molloy
1. A.B. Cunningham. Death Haunts the Dark Lane
2. William Gibson. Neuromancer
3. William “Green Bar Bill” Hillcourt. Official Boy Scout Handbook

Elizabeth Sikkenga
1. Alexander Osterwalder & Yves Pigner. Business Model Generation
2. J.T Hooker. Reading the Past: Ancient Readings from Cuneiform to the Alphabet
3. Peter Turchi. Maps of the Imagination: The Writer as the Cartographer

Amanda Thatch
1. Ann Lamott. Bird by Bird
2. Joan Didion. We Tell Ourselves Stories in Order to Live
3. Harry Mathews & Alastair Brotchie. Oulipo Compendium

Wes Taylor
1. Wes Taylor. 2007
2. Wes Taylor. 20/20
3. Wes Taylor. Twenty Twenty

Victoria Veenstra
1. Cornelia Lauf & Clive Phillpot. Artist/Author Contemporary Artists’ Books
2. Darious D. Himes & Mary Virginia Swanson. Publish Your Photography Book
3. Krystyna Wasserman. The Book as Art: Artists’ Books from the National Museum of Woman in Arts

Tuan Phan
1. John Warwicker. The Floating World
2. Kevin Lyons. Pussy and Papers Poetry Power and Pistols: A Retrospective: 500+ T-Shirts
3. Timothy McSweeney. McSweeney’s Quarterly Concern: Issue Number 13

Paul Quin
1. Ludwig Wittgenstein & Daniel Kolak (translator). Wittgenstein’s Tractatus
2. Hashim Amir Ali. The Environs of Tagore
3. Jan Tschichold. Asymmetric Typography


This project is part of the 2012 Open Book Workshop organized and facilitated by Leslie Atzmon and Ryan Molloy, through the Eastern Michigan University
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