Moveable Feast Bothy

A series of photographs documenting the Moveable Feast Bothy Project created and programed by Patricia Healy McMeans, James Currie and Stephen Kavanagh for the Embassy Annuale 2015 in Edinburgh. The images were taken from events and happenings programmed in the bothy at several locations around Edinburgh.

My intentions were to utilize the archive of images and project them back upon the exterior of the bothy; essentially revealing the contents of the bothy to the visitors. The bothy was located at Mortonhall Caravan Park for two nights. My work and installation may have been seen by many, or perhaps by none. The projections were a series of images with the text: “Moveable Feast Bothy Project” and images of the bothy at night, interior images, image of the opposite side, and staged ‘desktop’ administration images.

All images were projected back upon the western facing side toward the interior of the caravan park between the hours 0f 1:00–2:30 a.m. Images were vaguely pointed along the building and recaptured and photographed with the shape and distortion of the image in mind.


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