Edinburgh Dry Stone Walling

Ideation sketches, refinments, type studies and type lockup for Edinburgh Dry Stone Walling. EDSW is a company owned and recently established by artist and craftsman Donald Watson.

The main logo illustration and dry stone wall element were originated from Donald’s project sketches and recent walling certification.

Main concepts for the designs include:

  • Dry Stone Walling – featured prominently in Scotland
  • Moongate
  • Stone masonry
  • Mash Hammer
  • Watson Family Crest
  • Stag icon – popular through the Highlands
  • Principle Typeface – Emigré, Journal Ultra Bold ƒ


[Wiki Entry]

Dry stone walls

A dry stone wall, also known as a dry stone dyke, drystane dyke, dry stone hedge, rock fence or stone fence, is a wall constructed from stones without mortar to bind them together.[1] As with any dry stone construction, the structural integrity arises from compressional forces and the interlocking of the stones. Such walls have been traditionally used in building construction as field boundaries and garden or churchyard walls, and on steep slopes as retaining walls for terracing.

Ideation Sketches

Design Refinements

Final Designs

Business Card Design



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