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Curation Process
My process starts with gaining interest from a select group of potential artists. Artists who are familiar enough for me to know, or know about. I am consistently looking for artists active in the community, as well as those in separate circles. Consistently, the major requirement is—That I love the work. The work does not necessarily have to adhere to my visual preference, yet it must be open for discussion and debate. I look for works that feel appropriate to potentially pair or multiply, regardless of medium.

I start the curation process by choosing a title or theme for a show. Choosing appropriate artists is important in establishing the work that is to follow. Many times I am open to artist suggestions to enlarge the potential scope of any given show.

The step that I seem to cherish, almost equally to the show, is the studio visit, or choosing the precise pieces for the show itself. A disclaimer is always stated that I may be taking six pieces of work, but don’t be surprised if I reduce it to four. Often during the installation process I may ask for the one that was left behind.

During a studio tour, I am able to get a greater idea of the artist’s over-all intentions, methods, rhythm, and stories that I am typically able to include in the installation of work in the greater context of a group show. In the studio the artist is typically open to discussion and a much needed critique. Often times the artist has great need to talk about their work. Usually no one has witnessed their work recently, or offered a serious discussion of the perceived notions of the current work. I thoroughly enjoy the opportunity to offer both my impressions and perception of all the work that is before me, not only the work that interests me for the current show. I am able to record the interactions and potentially retain ideas for upcoming shows, choose certain work and distinguish the potential for showcasing now, or later, and fill the great need for artists to discuss their work. Often upon subsequent visits, I am able to observe the changes or growth, which noticeably happens after a meaningful and open critique.

As curator and observer, my intentions are to bring together seemingly disparate artists interpretations under the confines of what makes a GREAT collection of ideas vs. a good show. I look at artist’s objectives, render a visual connect between the artist and the eyewitness and postulate what the two may create together.

The idea of Central Air is a preset, a control, a distinctive set of variables enabled to create a level of comfort. The energy it takes to cool is that much greater than to actively heat a space. Set the temperature to an easy comfort level. Relax—let the air blow.

Art exhibitions and exhibition catalogs, including the following:

No Negative: Photographic work by Jerome Page Tobias. Published May 2007. Baltimore, Maryland.

Ivy Lounge: fashion, art, and music. July 2005 – March 2006. Curated a collection of exhibitions over several months at Ivy fashion boutique, Minneapolis, Minnesota.

Featured by month and artist:

July :: Jennifer Davis

August :: Roxanne Warren

September :: Ms. Matched, works by J. Page

October :: Amy Rice

November :: Ellen Fitzgerald

December–March :: Amy Crickenberger

The Mayor of Uptown, February 2005. Minneapolis, Minnesota. Curated an exhibition of eighteen artists including: John Diebel, John Urste, Dan Keefe, George Mahoney, David Foley, Michael & Abigail Mouw, Robert Roscoe, Terence P. Brashear, Flaneur Productions, John Veda, Nissa Hagstrom, Signe Albertson, Terrence Payne, Stacey Meyer, John Nelson, Clea Feline, Kate Pabst, and Alissa Valdovinos.

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Central Air :: Nomadic Art Space

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