Participated as Mentor/Sounding Board for Joseph Hrabe, MCA+D Senior Project (Design) under instructor Jan Jancourt, Spring 2011

Participated as Mentor/Sounding Board for Adam Flannigan, MCA+D Senior Project (Design) under instructor Pam Arnold, Spring 2002

Interim Art teacher at Minnesota Business Academy

Provided critical dialogue as guest speaker and educator:

  • Minneapolis College of Art + Design
  • University of Minnesota
  • Dwight Englewood School, Englewood, NJ
  • Minnesota Business Academy, St Paul, MN
  • The Art Institutes-Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN

Corporate Clients: Audi, Eckard Drugs, Lund Food Holdings, Landrover, MCI, Target, Schroeder Milk, Create Catering and Dining Studio, and Westvaco.

Government Agencies: General Services Administration, World Bank, Recording Industry Association of America, Health Care Financing Administration

Non-Profits: The Artists Space, New York City; Youth Farm and Market Project; Ten Chances Art Residency, Minneapolis, MN U.S.

Institutions: The Walters Art Museum, and United States Holocaust Memorial Museum

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