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September 1999 – December 2002. Co-founder, Curator and Director for Radiator Art Exhibition Company, co-curated exhibitions with Lee Anne Swanson-Peet.

Mission:  to create a collective art space allowing founding-members to exhibit and promote their work as well as the works of like-minded artists. Radiator radically provided an exhibition space for group shows as well as thematic artist pairings. Radiator looked to reinvigorate the exhibition options in Minneapolis.

.006 Duped December 2002. Exhibiting paintings by Lee Anne Swanson-Peet and photographs by Danny Peet.

.005 Ephemera Melancholia December 2001. Featuring Ms. Davora Lindner, Darrin Mueske, and Anu Schwartz.

.004 The Underside of Heaven September 2001. Artists Erica Olson and Christopher Zerendow.

.003 Save the Robots April 2001. Artists J. J. Peet and Wilson Webb.

.002 Industry Standard September 2000. Group art exhibition including: Richard Brewer, Lee Anne Swanson-Peet, Carolyn Swiszcz, Al Wadzinski, David Wiedel, and John Parot.

.001 UltraNormal September 1999. Featuring artwork by: Amy Goldberg, Tracey Halvorsen, Randall Mastel, Maia Namtvedt, J. Page, Lee Anne Swanson-Peet, Carolyn Swiszcz, Amy Toscani, Wilson Webb, and David Wiedel.

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Bird X Bird October 5th, 2002. 1st Annual Exhibition.


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